As site manager we are responsible for the coordination of projects.
We ensure that the project is delivered to the customer on time, according to the quality requirements and within budget.

As Site-manager we are responsible for the correct hand over of the construction or installation.

we ensure the coordination of all construction and assembly activities and related activities, including the availability of personnel and material. We keep the customer or client accurately informed of the progress of the project and any details.

Specific activities may differ depending on the project to be delivered, but in general the following activities are often part of our tasks:

• Coordinating and executing daily construction and assembly activities
• Managing all construction and assembly personnel present at the workplace
• Managing all employees and (sub)contractors
• Support during construction and assembly work 
• Optimizing work processes
• Manage budget and costs
• Prioritization (in consultation with the customer)
• Reporting progress and details to the project manager/client
• Acting as contact person for the client or customer
• Plan, prepare and chair meetings with suppliers and site managers.
• Ensure health and safety regulations are followed.